Achieve Full Regulatory Compliance

We help medical spas meet regulatory requirements, avoid potential legal challenges, and continuously maintain compliance. We have assisted over 600 medical spas in achieving and sustaining full regulatory compliance — providing owners, medical directors, and patients with enduring peace of mind.

Adherent Fund Allocation

With the MSO-PC model of healthcare business, there is a strategically structured approach to a clinic's flow of funds and operational efficiency.

An MSO (Management Services Organization) handles management tasks such as facilities, HR, and marketing, while a PC (Professional Corporation) is comprised of licensed physicians who provide medical care.

Patient payments for medical services go into the PC's Revenue Account, while revenue generated from non-medical services or products is deposited into a separate bank account, usually in the name of the MSO.

Each account is designated to cover specific types of expenses – facilitating efficient financial management and continual regulatory compliance.

Maintain Continual Compliance

Achieving medical spa compliance is not a destination; it's a perpetual commitment.

We support med spas in maintaining compliance throughout the lifetime of their business — from providing necessary legal documents to conducting in-depth training for their staff.

Stay Informed of Changing Regulations

Between federal and state regulations pertaining to staff qualifications, supervision, device and product use, advertising, and financial operations, med spa owners must navigate a complex and ever-evolving landscape.

We Treat takes a proactive approach by continuously monitoring regulatory developments and industry standards.

We assure our clients stay informed by providing regular updates on regulatory changes and offering expert guidance tailored to their specific needs and location.

Guided Adverse Events Documentation

Our adverse events documentation system was meticulously designed to prioritize patient safety and ensure legal compliance. With our system, medical directors have the tools to effectively manage adverse events, maintain thorough documentation, and meet all regulatory requirements, thereby safeguarding patient care.

Licensed Medical Directors

The healthcare providers within We Treat’s network are all fully trained and experienced in the practice of aesthetic medicine, board-certified, and verified to be compliance-savvy

Secure Messaging Platform

We facilitate safe and direct communication between physicians and their clinical teams through our secure messaging app

Essential Legal Documentation

Our clients receive a We Treat Practice Management binder, containing the most critical legal documents needed for medical spas to operate smoothly and comply with regulatory standards

Vital Regulatory Updates

We deliver vital regulatory updates directly to our clients' inboxes, ensuring their medical spas remain informed of the latest compliance developments

Stay Compliant with Our Revolutionary We Treat App

The We Treat App, available on both iOS and the web, was designed explicitly to help med spas maintain compliance by securely documenting GFEs and consultations.

Our HIPAA-compliant platform enables providers like NPs, PAs, MDs, and DOs to easily and securely review patient records.

Patients can also conveniently purchase over 200 compounded medications through our integrated point-of-sale system.

Implement Rigorous Protocol Approval

Every We Treat client receives a comprehensive Practice Management Binder, featuring over 330 editable pages, including detailed clinical protocols and consent forms.

Medical directors meticulously review these documents upon med spa launch and continue to do so on a quarterly and annual basis.

Before introducing any new service, the protocols for specific service areas must receive approval from the medical director, with all parties formally signing off.

By adhering to a stringent protocol approval process, medical spas ensure the absolute highest standards of regulatory compliance and patient safety.

Built-in HIPAA Compliance

The We Treat Telemedicine App is equipped with robust HIPAA compliance, ensuring that all patient information is securely handled and protected.

Our app uses advanced encryption and security protocols to safeguard sensitive data, meeting the stringent requirements set by HIPAA regulations.

Prioritizing Patient Safety and Compliance

Patient safety and regulatory compliance go hand in hand, and everything we do at We Treat reflects this. From our detailed Practice Management Binder to our HIPAA-compliant app, we empower our med spa clients to operate at the highest standards.

Plus, our expert team is always available to answer questions and provide thorough support, including our Chief Medical Officer, who can navigate even the most intricate of compliance challenges.

By prioritizing safe, effective, evidence-based, and compliant care, we help create a secure environment for patients, spa owners, physicians, and the entire team!

Med Spa Compliance FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about med spa compliance and regulatory concerns.

What is medical spa compliance?

Medical spa compliance is a critical concept to understand if you are operating, working at, or seeking care at a medical spa. It encompasses understanding the regulatory landscape surrounding medical spa treatments and ensuring that all procedures and processes comply with existing medical regulations. Compliance involves staying updated on federal and state legislation related to medical spas, maintaining evidence-based medical protocols, and providing thorough training for employees. Ensuring a safe and sanitary spa environment is also essential. Overall, medical spa compliance is crucial for the safety of both staff and patients. It is vital for the success and legal operation of medical spas.

What are the regulations for medical spas?

A medical spa is a professional care facility where treatments such as injectables, body sculpting, and facials are offered. Regulations for medical spas vary from state to state, but most require that a medical professional supervises the practice and that all treatments are performed by trained professionals. Other regulations commonly include maintaining strict sanitary practices, obtaining necessary licenses, and adhering to applicable laws regarding the services provided. When operating a medical spa, it is important to ensure that your facility abides by federal and state regulations, thereby maintaining compliance.

Are there any specific laws that must be followed in a medical spa?

Operating a medical spa requires compliance with a variety of laws and regulations. State laws govern aspects such as general medical practices, aesthetic services, sanitation, medical device registration, and safe chemical use. Additionally, federal regulations must be adhered to, including those related to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to protect patient privacy, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards for workplace safety, and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations for medical devices and drugs. Practitioners providing injectables often require certification and may need additional permits depending on the state. Compliance involves ensuring the safety of equipment, following proper procedures with thorough training, and maintaining detailed documentation. Each state has specific rules and guidelines related to these aspects, which can vary significantly. Furthermore, health insurance regulations must be carefully followed by owners who bill insurance companies for services rendered at their facility. Understanding and adhering to these changing regulatory requirements is crucial for ensuring patient safety and maintaining a functional business. 

How can I ensure my business meets all the legal requirements for operating a medical spa?

Ensuring your business meets all the legal requirements for operating a medical spa involves a comprehensive approach to understanding and complying with state and federal regulations. Start by researching the specific state regulations that apply to medical spas, including licensing requirements, permits, and any special certifications needed for procedures like injectables. It's essential to comply with rules regarding sanitation, medical device registration, and the safe use of chemicals. Additionally, familiarize yourself with local zoning laws and health codes relevant to medical spas. Regularly review and update legal documents, such as contracts and operational protocols, to stay current with any changes in the law. Ensure your staff meets all legal qualifications and conduct thorough background checks during the hiring process. Adhere to federal regulations, including HIPAA for patient privacy, OSHA for workplace safety, and FDA guidelines for medical devices and treatments. Consulting a healthcare attorney can provide invaluable guidance and ensure that all aspects of your operation are legally sound. Plus, our med spa experts at We Treat are available to help you make sense of the complexity of med spa compliance.

Does my staff need to have special qualifications to work at a medical spa?

To ensure a high-quality care experience for all patients, staff should possess excellent customer service skills and knowledge of important medical spa topics such as procedures, treatments, products, and services. Additionally, those working in certain treatment areas may require special qualifications or certifications depending on their level of responsibility. For instance, estheticians performing more complex procedures may need additional certifications to ensure their skills meet the necessary criteria. Nurses and medical professionals administering injectables or laser treatments often need specific training and certification as mandated by state laws. Overall, having knowledgeable and properly credentialed staff at your medical spa ensures the highest professional standards are met while providing exceptional care to patients. 

Are there any rules or guidelines around advertising and marketing for medical spas?

Marketing and advertising for medical spas must adhere to several key guidelines to ensure ethical practices and regulatory compliance. Advertisements should provide clear, accurate information about the treatments offered and avoid creating unrealistic expectations or making false promises. Transparency is crucial, with detailed information on treatment outcomes, costs, and associated risks or disclaimers. It is essential to highlight that treatments are performed by qualified medical professionals to build trust and assure safety. All marketing efforts must comply with federal and state regulations, avoiding misleading claims and ensuring all statements are substantiated. Additionally, any use of before and after photos must be authentic and representative of typical results, accompanied by disclaimers that individual results may vary. By following these guidelines, medical spas can effectively and ethically promote their services, protecting both their reputation and their patients’ trust. 

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