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Get discovered by thousands of new patients browsing the We Treat App in search of med spa services

Connect with licensed providers who will conduct Good Faith Exams and prescribe and ship compounded medications directly to patients

Access our exclusive, customizable med spa EHR

Launch a premium website with world-class digital marketing strategies

Achieve state regulatory compliance

Receive tailored solutions for a fixed monthly fee

Join over 400 Med Spas across all 50 states – generating a combined $200 million in annual revenue

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We Treat App

Thousands of Med Spa Patients at Your Fingertips

With the We Treat App, med spas are prominently showcased to thousands of patients in search of aesthetic medical services. Licensed providers can conduct Good Faith Exams and obtain signed consent forms straight through the app. Prescribing compounded medications has never been simpler, with the ability to ship directly to patients through an integrated point-of-sale system. Users can customize by choosing their colors, logo, and more. Messaging patients and managing appointments becomes effortless. Plus, the app is also a HIPAA-compliant EHR! Could you ask for anything more?

Medical Director Solutions

Connect with the Perfect Medical Director

We connect the county's top med spa business management teams with the country’s top medical aesthetic practices and medical directors. Our team of specialists guides all parties through the entire process, from regulatory compliance to legal documentation, supporting a truly successful launch.


Our comprehensive compliance services help ensure med spas meet all regulatory requirements


We empower med spas to launch with confidence and ease, providing full support at every step

Driving Accelerated Growth For Med Spas

Med spas deserve full digital marketing support, including a premium website, professional logo, vibrant branding, and targeted strategies that consistently attract new leads. Our marketing professionals specialize in helping med spas stand out in the competitive market. With high-level digital marketing efforts, med spas can connect with more patients and achieve remarkable growth.

Website Development

We create visually stunning premium websites designed to enhance med spas’ online presence and actively engage patients

Digital Marketing Solutions

Our strategic social media campaigns, advanced search engine optimization, and targeted email marketing are crafted to maximize visibility and impact in the marketplace

Unmatched Business Growth

Through combining the We Treat App with our premium digital marketing services, med spas can reach more patients and achieve rapid growth

Proven and Effective Protocols

Our clients gain access to detailed clinical protocols and thorough informed consent forms, written by experienced physicians to ensure exceptional care and regulatory adherence 

Comprehensive Med Spa Support

Our aesthetic medicine experts help med spas optimize operations, secure medical liability coverage, find staffing solutions, and successfully navigate the rapidly changing industry

Service Level Framework

Full Regulatory Compliance is Possible

With help from We Treat, med spas can operate in full compliance with state regulations

Establish Service Level

"During our free discovery calls, we assign a service level to each med spa based on its complexity, services offered, and risk profile

Assess State Regulations

Next, we provide a detailed overview of state regulations as they pertain to the assigned service level, so that specific compliance criteria are clearly defined and understood

Satisfy Staffing Requirements

We provide med spas with professional guidance and tailored solutions to meet the exact needs of their unique situations, helping them comply with state requirements

Streamlined Solutions

Choose We Treat to unlock comprehensive staffing services, digital marketing, web development, bookkeeping, and EHR for your medical spa

Spa Shield: Compliance

Med Spa Operations

We Treat helps ensure med spas satisfy and maintain compliance with all federal and state regulations so that they can avoid legal risks

Marketing Solutions

Expand Your Reach

We provide customized med spa digital marketing support, including premium SEO-optimized websites that effectively attract new patients

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Accounting Solutions

Overwhelmed by payroll and accounting? We Treat handles both! We have professional accountants and bookkeepers ready to be of service

We Treat App

Healthcare Innovation

Download the We Treat App, where dedicated med spa professionals provide patients with the treatment they need

One-Stop Consulting Services From Industry Leaders

We Treat transforms medical spas with industry-leading consulting services. We offer unmatched launch and operational support, thorough clinical protocols and legal documents, medical liability solutions, and effective digital marketing strategies to establish our clients as the premier destinations for aesthetic care


Find answers to the most common questions we receive about med spa consulting and working with We Treat

How can I find a medical director for my medical spa?

Finding a qualified medical director is essential for the success of your med spa. We specialize in connecting med spa business management teams with medical aesthetic practices that have highly experienced medical directors. Our team possesses unparalleled expertise in the med spa industry, allowing us to understand the unique needs and challenges of each med spa. Additionally, we provide launch and compliance support to facilitate smooth med spa operations. This comprehensive approach helps ensure that your med spa operates with the highest standards of medical oversight with consideration to federal and state regulations.

What services do you offer medical spas?

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help med spas successfully launch, achieve compliance, and thrive in a rapidly changing industry. Our aesthetic medicine experts assist with finding staffing solutions, optimizing operations, and navigating complex regulations. From business planning to digital marketing to bookkeeping, we guide med spas through every step of the process. We connect med spa management teams with the country’s most experienced aesthetic medicine providers. Our clients receive a comprehensive Practice Management Binder, featuring clinical protocols and consent forms, along with access to our HIPAA-compliant app which showcases medical spas to thousands of patients in search of aesthetic services. With our holistic support, med spas can achieve sustained growth while delivering exceptional care and positioning them as leaders in the med spa industry.

How can I launch my med spa?

Launching a med spa can be a complex process, but we are here to guide medical spa teams through every step. Our comprehensive support includes creating a detailed business plan, securing necessary licenses, and ensuring regulatory compliance. We can connect you with top medical directors and provide extensive training for your staff to ensure the highest standards of operation. Our team also assists with securing medical liability coverage, optimizing workflows, and developing effective digitall marketing strategies, including branding and website development, social media marketing, and SEO. Additionally, we provide a Practice Management Binder with over 330 editable pages of med spa protocols and consent forms. Our revolutionary med spa app allows medical spas to connect with new patients, facilitates Good Faith Exams, and allows healthcare providers to prescribe and ship compounded medications directly to patients. 

Do you offer digital marketing services?

Yes, we provide comprehensive digital marketing services to help vigorously promote med spas and attract new patients. Our team develops customized digital marketing strategies tailored to each spa’s unique offerings, location, and competitive landscape. We create SEO-optimized websites to enhance online visibility, run targeted and engaging social media marketing campaigns, and offer professional copywriting and email marketing services. Additionally, we provide branding services to develop a cohesive and compelling brand identity that resonates with your ideal patients. Utilizing advanced analytics, we track performance and refine strategies, ensuring your med spa stands out and effectively reaches its target audience, driving growth, reaching new patients, and retaining existing ones.

How can I ensure compliance for my medical spa?

Ensuring compliance is crucial for any med spa, and we possess extensive knowledge of industry regulations to help med spas develop policies and procedures that meet all federal and state requirements. As per the MSO-PC model, we support a strategically structured approach to optimize a clinic's flow of funds and operational efficiency. We help med spas maintain compliance throughout their business's lifetime, offering necessary legal documents, in-depth staff training, and regular updates on regulatory changes. Navigating regulations on staff qualifications, supervision, device and product use, advertising, and financial operations can be complex, but we provide expert guidance tailored to our clients' specific locations and needs.

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I am working with WeTreat since July of 2023. They really made me feel comfortable with the whole process, and I felt secure with legal aspects. Very professional, and always there for my business.

Palina Antonovich

FaceMe Aesthetics

Carolyn and team at We Treat helped my team and I launch our medical clinic inside of a two month period. There wasn't a question they didn't have an answer to, and the responsiveness was and still is top tier! I cant recommend them enough!

Steven Hoshak

Legacy Health & Wellness

I can not express enough how amazing We Treat is. Brittany, from day one has taken my practice to all new heights. I am blessed to be a part of the We Treat family! The professionalism and expert knowledge is top tier! Thank you!

Vivi Banks

Legacy Health & Wellness

We Treat has been a life saver for starting my wellness center! Sadie has been nothing short of amazing and has been with me every step of the way educating me about best practices while making suggestions to streamline my business. She has been a HUGE blessing! I am so thankful that I found WeTreat. Sadie and her team have set us up for success and I am so grateful!

Jen Kanaba

Root Cause Integrative Wellness

This has been the best experience opening my spa with WeTreat! They answer all the questions I have and they have thought of everything that I did not think of! I could not have done this without them!

Lindsi Cutter

Skin Space Aesthetics

It's been a while since I received such stellar customer service from someone and so I am writing this well deserved review. Carolyn at We Treat has been so attentive, so well informed, and so knowledgable in the aesthetic and medical space. Every part of the process has been made easier and painless with Carolyn's assistance. We look forward to working with We Treat and are now looking at our second location! Thank you so much!

Jim Javadi

Dermatic Medical Aesthetics